Rules for Contributors

1. The materials are provided only by e-mail to the address to Evgeny Vasilievich Logvin, Executive Secretary, in a single archived file attached to the letter (WinRar or WinZip).

2. The materials should contain the initials and surnames of the authors, name (in capital letters), abstract (up to 5 lines), key words (up to 4 words or word combinations) – both in the Russian and in the English language, as well as a full name of the organization that submits the article.

3. The size of the article should range from 8 to 12 pages of the standard printed text (Word version up to 2003 inclusive, font size 14 pt, Times New Roman, page A4, portrait orientation, 25 mm margin on all sides, single spacing).

4. The list of reference links is mandatory. All the references in the text to authors and researchers should conform to particular sources in the list.

5. Figures are included in the text of the article and should also be provided in separate graphic files (bmp, jpg, gif, tif, wmf formats). Font size in the figure included in the text of the article should not be less than 12 pt.

The archive with materials should contain a separate file with the following information:

- information about all authors (surname, name, patronymic, place of work and position, academic degree, title, mailing address with a zip code and e-mail address);

- reference to the number of copies ordered (the minimum quantity of copies ordered by authors is at least half of their number with upward rounding);

- the obligation to pay an arrangement fee - about 100 (150 outside Russia) rubles (when paid by authors) per one page of the article in one copy of the journal along with the postage, price as of December 2014.

The price per one page paid by an organization is 200 rubles, VAT excluded.

In this case the number of copies corresponds to the number of authors. A personal publication is free for postgraduates (see the “Useful Information” section of the website).


We strongly recommend the contributors to read the following information before preparing the article.

1. The "Postgraduate Doctor" journal does not accept review and expository articles. The authors’ conclusions should be confirmed by analytics, tables, diagrams with the help of standard methods and techniques of research studies.

2. If the contributors did not receive a reply within a week after sending the article, it means that the letter was not received by the editorial staff and it should be send again. There are two variants of the initial answer: "Rejected without consideration" with technical reasons specified (failure to adhere to the Rules for Contributors) and "The article was passed to the editorial staff for consideration. The registration number is YYnnn".

3. The journal does not take the responsibility to explain the non-technical reasons for rejection of articles to contributors. Our staff includes highly-qualified reviewers from the leading research centers in Russia, and their opinion is the ultimate judgment about the article.

4. On average, it takes the editorial staff three months from the date of registration number assignment to make a decision on the article.

5. The editorial staff retains the right to editorial changes and prepress editing of the texts of articles that do not change their key points without the author’s approval.

6. The editorial staff will not open self-extracting archives. The letters that contain them will be automatically deleted by the security system. In the same way, the letters with the empty body are automatically deleted.

7. In accordance with the rules, abstracts in two languages, as well as article title and the authors’ surnames and initials, are parts of the article and should not be provided in separate files. 8. Remember that tables, footnotes, remarks and image-related text are a part of the text and thus are also covered by the requirements of the rules related to the text parameters.

9. The arrangement fee for publication includes an automatic subscription to the author’s copy and the delivery of the author’s copy of the journal by registered parcel post to the address specified in the author’s details. We recommend providing home address.

10. We strongly recommend the contributors to use a single scheme of references in the article: the source number specified in the list is given in square brackets in the text of the article - [7], OR with the authors and year of publication specified in the text of the article and the source given in the list.

11. The information about the procedure and terms of payment will only be sent to the authors of the articles selected by the editorial staff to be published in the next issue following the review process. If the arrangement fee is not paid on time, the article will be moved to the “reserve” of the journal. If the non-paying authors still want to publish the article, the sum of the arrangement fee is increased by 30% (fine).

12. Attention! The editorial staff immediately stops working with the authors that paid the arrangement fee without authorization, in violation of the information sent. The arrangement fee is returned, the article is excluded from consideration and the author is entered in the "black list".

13. The postgraduates should keep in mind that in case of the positive decision of the editorial staff they will have to pay the cost of urgent subscription and delivery by post. The said cost and payment procedure will be communicated to the e-mail from which the article was received after the positive decision of the editorial staff. In this connection, we strongly recommend comparing the amount of arrangement fee and the cost of urgent subscription and delivery when you specify the position in the information about authors. Current cost of subscriptions and immediate delivery of one copy of the magazine section of the site contains the "Subscribe".